Doctors That You Can Trust It can require a lot of effort to find a practitioner that you can trust fully, both in credentials and in character. Some doctors have the most prestigious academic results but cannot relate to their patients easily. On the other hand, some can be the most friendly and affable people around, but cannot exercise due diligence when dealing with complex medical cases. A combination of both is required for treating the conditions of patients. The patient must have a great degree of trust in his doctor, since he will not listen to the doctor’s recommendations if he does not seem friendly, or if he does not have the intelligence and passion in the medical field. It is imperative that the practitioner be accountable for the results of the patients. Perseverance is very important when it comes to the well being of human beings. Treating the body from the ground up is extremely valuable as a tool for nearly all conditions that pertain to healing and maintenance of health. Many diseases and viruses plague the human body in the twenty-first century. Not many things are happening for the good of health at the moment. Auto-immune diseases are constantly on the rise, and people are more depressed than ever. A majority of people are on medication, either for blood pressure or heart health. It is an outrage that so many doctors nowadays have such a deep-seated ignorance of the reality of health in the world. Too few are trying to burst through the status quo of Big Pharma - a collection of companies who control all medicines for the sole purpose of profit. Great progress has been made over the past 20 years in alternative health. Many brilliant minds have made very important discoveries in the realm of disease prevention and treatment. For example, Dr. Judy Mikovitz discovered that nearly half of chronic fatigue syndrome patients are infected with the XMRV virus, as potent as the AIDS virus. Unfortunately, she was jailed for her discoveries, and silence by those above her, because her discoveries would have shaken up the medical world too much. Her medical licence has been revoked, but her discoveries will still be well known across the world. Stories like these should encourage more doctors to stand up for truth, and commit to methods of treatment and healing which are effective for all across the world.