Jason S.

"Dr Smith's is an invaluable source of knowledge that you cannot find anywhere else. He brings so much insight into the world of health and makes sense of so many things. I like how simple questions in his Facebook videos can turn into a fascinating 20 minute speech on so many topics. You learn so much from him and It really feels like he's teaching us to become doctors. I highly recommend signing up to his Facebook group if you're interested in health and nutrition."

Peg B.

"I'm not able to become an actual patient of Dr. Smith but I want to get a more complete understanding as well as the most up-to-date information about how to make their way through the detox in the best way possible. Listening to all the past weekly videos provides all sorts of tidbits you won't find elsewhere that help fill in the blanks, and it provides insight on how this whole Poison A/Glyphosate endeavor has been developing over time.  This group is a huge source of support for me."

Julie C.

"Joining Dr. G's has been a tremendous investment in my health journey. I love that the work he does covers SO many areas of health, from diet & water to EMFs & vaccines to things like biofeedback & homeopathy. He is always searching for what actually WORKS to improve health. As a self-experimenting health seeker for many years, I can appreciate that he has been there, done that with so many things himself that he can give firsthand feedback on them through his "nutrition detective" lens. I just wish I would've joined sooner!"