Vitamin A Is A Plant Toxin - Don't Believe The Hype

So, I've been seeing and hearing about more practitioners and groups writing and/or speaking about how "vital and important" the poison regarded as "Vitamin A" is, and pushing high-Vit A products.

This is all in spite of the overwhelming evidence that Grant and I have presented, showing that it is not an essential nutrient, and is actually a plant toxin. Nowhere are people showing at what level Vit A ISN'T a toxin, or at what exact level it becomes toxic (they often admit that too much is very bad, but won't say how much that is!).

I do believe that these people are doubting their previous knowledge, and their interwebz temper tantrums are giving it away.  Here is why I believe the truth is winning:
"In a new study, David Gal and Derek Rucker from Northwestern University have found that when people’s confidence in their beliefs is shaken, they become stronger advocates for those beliefs. The duo carried out three experiments involving issues such as animal testing, dietary preferences, and loyalty towards Macs over PCs. 
***In each one, they subtly manipulated their subjects’ confidence and found the same thing: when faced with doubt, people shout even louder.***
The case study inspired Festinger’s theory of “cognitive dissonance”, which describes the discomfort that people feel when they try to cope with conflicting ideas. Festinger reasoned that people will go to great lengths to reduce this conflict. 
***Altering one’s beliefs in the face of new evidence is one solution but for Martin’s followers, this was too difficult. Their alternative was to try and muster social support for their ideas. If other people also believed, their internal conflicts would lessen.***"
I am glad that we (Grant, myself, and all you truth soldiers who are spreading the word around the interwebz) are creating this cognitive dissonance discomfort in them.  It has to happen before they will ever decide to lift the veil and see the truth.
Dr. Smith, NMD